Blog: 2015 STS – March – Getting Media the Free and Easy Way

March 9, 2015

Getting the Free SeriesCarolyn_Schur_2015
Getting Media the Free and Easy Way
by Carolyn Schur, CAPS Saskatchewan
As speakers and authors, we know that a quote or interview in the media is valuable in gaining exposure and building credibility. When I published my first book, I was hesitant in contacting the media, since I believed they had ‘important’ stories to cover and would not have any interest in what I had to say. However, as I started making calls and contacts, I learned something that completely changed my views.

Did you know the media needs you as much as you need them? Editors and producers have a huge amount of printed space or airtime to fill and they often have a limited amount of time and resources to do it. You, as an expert and master of content relevant to their audience, can help them achieve their goals.  As a result, you and your ideas will be more than welcome.

Here are a couple of free and easy avenues to showcase your expertise and talent while helping the media to do their job.

Work the Holidays
There is a holiday (Mother’s Day) or designated day or week (Sleep Awareness Week) for almost every day of the year. Find a designated day/week/month that is relevant to your content. Suggest to your media contact a story idea, a tip sheet or one of your articles relevant to this holiday or special day/week. Also indicate your availability for an interview. Remember that they need this content and are looking for new and creative ideas for content.
Stick Your Nose in Other People’s Business
Whatever the national or local headline of the day, the media seeks expert or local comment to add interest to the story. Unfortunately, they have to spend time finding a suitable resource. If you have expertise relevant to the topic, have published on the topic or can frame your expertise to the story, contact the media and let them know.  Your input will be very much appreciated.

The amount of print, television, radio and internet media is endless. Don’t wait for them to call you. Call them offering content, comment or context and make their life easy. It’s WIN – WIN!

Carolyn Schur (Saskatchewan Chapter) is an author who promotes workplace health and safety. She speaks on sleep, fatigue, stress and conflict. Carolyn has been seen, read and heard in media as far flung as The New York Times, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and National Public Radio in the US. Thanks to her far flung media appearances, Carolyn is known internationally as an expert in circadian rhythms and ‘night owl and early bird’ behaviour.

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