Benefits by Category


Q: What are the benefits of each membership category?

The following table outlines the benefits of each category of membership.

Benefit Professional Candidate Supplier
Access to the “Members Only” portion of the CAPS website Y Y Y
A listing on the CAPS website search engine Y Y Y
Access to job postings on the members only website Y Y Y
Special discounted national member rates for the National Convention, and other special events Y Y Y
Discounted rates for advertising in So To Speak and CAPS website Y   Y
Subscription to “So to Speak” electronic Newsletter Y Y Y
Subscription to “Speaking of Impact” magazine Y Y Y
The right to identify yourself as a CAPS member Y Y Y
The right to use the CAPS logo Y Y Y
The opportunity to be a Chapter Executive or National Director Y    
The right to vote in Chapter elections Y Y Y
The right to vote in National elections Y Y Y
National updates on important member issues Y Y Y
Eligible to apply for the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation Y    
Eligible to attend special events at the National Convention and Advanced Speaker Forums Y    
Attend any chapter meeting across Canada at their member rate Y Y Y
A listing on the CAPS supplier web-page     Y
The opportunity to join any of the NSA Professional Emphasis Groups (PEGS) Y Y Y
The opportunity to be considered as a presenter at International Federation events Y   Y
Be listed on the NSA website (extra charges may apply) Y    
Audio Newsletter “VOE” (10 per year) produced by the NSA Y Y Y
Subscription to NSA’s “Professional Speaker” magazine (10 per year) Y Y Y
Have full promo listing in NSA directory (extra charges may apply) Y    
Listing in the NSA (US) directory (extra charges may apply) Y    
Membership in the Global Speakers Federation, which includes: the right to use the Federation logo; discounted fees for access to member’s portion of the NSA website;discounted rates to purchase products and attendance at conferences and other events, of all Federation countries; right to earn designations and award programs Y    

GSF Dual Members:
Enjoy the same benefits as Professional members except that they are not provided with duplicate audio or printed newsletters.

Of multiple categories enjoy all of the benefits and voting privileges associated with their primary category and of are not provided with duplicates audio, printed or electronic newsletters and magazines.

Candidate Members:
Any individual can remain a Candidate member for a period of twenty-four months, after which he or she must become a professional member

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