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The Charitable Foundation was conceived and developed by a small group of dedicated CAPS members. The CAPS National Board in 2006 approved the CAPS Foundation as the philanthropic arm of CAPS.

People in the speaking business typically run small businesses that don’t always provide the same level of support that large organizations provide to employees. While we expect and encourage CAPS members to provide for their own future needs, it is appropriate to consider how our organization can help those in our association who need help in a variety of ways.

The Foundation currently has two major support areas for CAPS members.

1.Speakers Listening – CAPS Peer Support Program (PSP).
Purpose: to provide support to our members who are going through a stressful life event or personal crisis. This can involve a difficult personal, family or emotional experience.

Speakers Listening provides a confidential, friendly ear, understanding and encouragement to a CAPS member by a trained CAPS Peer Support Volunteer has lived a similar experience and understands what it’s like to be having a difficult time. NOTE: confidentiality will be strictly protected.

For additional information and to connect with a Peer Support Volunteer, visit

2.Professional Speakers Benefit Fund (PSBF).
Purpose: To provide emergency financial relief for members who are facing a personal tragedy, catastrophic health emergency, or natural disaster.

If you, or someone you know, is facing personal tragedy, a catastrophic health emergency, or natural disaster, you may be a candidate for a PSBF grant. NOTE: Names of applicants will not be revealed to the general CAPS membership.

To access additional information, visit

Submit Confidential Application Form (PDF)

CAPS Foundation Trustee Board.

•    2009 – 2015 National Chair: Michael Hughes
•    Strategic Investment Chair – Greg Schinkel, CSP
•    Convention Liaison – Ravi Tangri, CSP
•    PSBF Committee Chair – Jeff Mowatt, CSP, Spirit of CAPS recipient.
•    Communication Chair – Adrian Davis
•    Treasurer – Carol Ring
•    Trustee at Large – Michael Kerr CSP, HoF
•    CAPS National Board Representative – Tony Newman, HoF,
•    Recording Secretary -  Shari Bricks
•    Peer Support Program Committee Chair – Frema Engel

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