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Welcome to Chapter Operations On-Line your on-line resource to support you in your role on your CAPS

chapter board.

Meet your National Leadership Team

Board Chapter Documents

These board documents are divided into three categories. The first grouping includes documents to help direct

the function of your board, the second grouping involves forms which need to be submitted to CAPS National and the third is material for your reference.

Review these documents by clicking on the appropriate links.

Chapter Affiliation Agreement

CAPS Service Level Agreement

Chapter Affiliation Guidelines

Getting the Best Out of Your Board Experience

Directors’ Insurance

CAPS National Strategic Plan

CAPS Trade Show Booth Usage – Chapters


Recipes for Success – Cooking up profitable events in the chapters

Board Role-Specific Materials

Scroll down to the board role you play and you will find a brief overview of some of your duties followed by links to any role-specific CAPS national documents and a list of role-specific samples created by different chapters.

These samples are not meant to be “the” answer but rather triggers to help you further expand and develop your ideas especially as they relate to the six key areas for leading and managing a successful chapter: Finances; Membership; Programming; Marketing & Communications; Volunteer Development and, Chapter Operations.

Click on the title of any of these samples to open the appropriate document which you can use or adapt to serve your CAPS chapter members.

If you have other documents in your chapter that might be helpful to others, please forward them to your CAPS

office at [email protected], to have them included here.


  • Establish a Chapter Plan that supports the vision/mission/values of the association
  • Preside over chapter and board meetings
  • Appoint all committee chairs ensuring that the responsibilities, goals and objectives for each assignmentare understood
  • Direct administration of the business of the chapter
  • Serve as an ex officio member of all committees
  • Spear head Strategic Planning Day/Retreat with your chapter board
  • Meet commitments of the Master Calendar
  • Liaise with National and communicate National activities to Chapter Board and members
  • Work with chapter board to build a succession plan for President-Elect and other positions
  • Attend CAPS National Leadership Summit
  • Ensure Chapter is responsive to its members

Chapter Constitution and By-laws

Chapter Affiliation Agreement

Chapter Affiliation Guidelines

CAPS Service Level Agreement

Sample Chapter Job Descriptions

Team Building Ideas

1Q Evaluation


  • Act for president in his/her absence
  • Agree to serve as president year following
  • Agree to serve as immediate past-president two years following
  • Plan for a Strategic Planning Day/Retreat for your year following presidency
  • Facilitate the transition of year following board
  • Work on succession plan of future board members and leaders with President
  • Attend CAPS National Leadership Summit

Chapter Constitution and By-laws

Chapter Affiliation Agreement

Chapter Affiliation Guidelines

CAPS Service Level Agreement

Immediate Past President

  • Serve on board
  • Chair nominations and election committee for the selection of officers
  • Provide relevant historical context when appropriate

Chapter Constitution and By-laws


  • Keep all financials records of chapter and board
  • Prepare budget and ensure each board adheres to budget goals
  • Issue receipts
  • Make disbursements as directed
  • Submit financial records quarterly to CAPS national
  • Deliver financial records to incoming treasurer
  • Deliver Chapter financial report to members at the Chapter Annual General Meeting
  • Furnish up-to-date report to chapter board
  • Financial Form for Quarterly Report to CAPS National (2008-2009)

CAPS Sample Chapter Budget

How to make oodles of cash at a CAPS Auction

CAPS Auction Sheet

Chapter Financials Standards v1

Treasurer Edmonton


  • Keep all records of the chapter and board (except financial)
  • Issues notices and keep minutes for all meetings
  • Keep an action log of activities
  • Prepare materials for annual Chapter General Meeting
  • Deliver records to the in-coming secretary
  • Submit CAPS information when requested

Chapter Constitution and By-laws

Chapter Affiliation Agreement

Chapter Affiliation Guidelines

CAPS Service Level Agreement

What is the Role of a Board Member – Edmonton

Expectations of CAPS Edmonton Leadership

How to be an Effective Board Member – Edmonton

Membership Chair

  • Responsible for all aspects of the membership function
  • Active management of the membership renewals in your Chapter and liaise with National
  • Participate in member drive initiatives through National
  • Maintain accurate membership records (including names and contact info)
  • Inform members of their benefits
  • Facilitate the registration of new members

Link to Membership Application

Procedure for Ordering Name Badges

Sample Membership Directory

FAQ Toronto

Guidelines for Pathways to Membership

Membership Edmonton

Past Members Survey

Renewing Member

Sample of New Member Welcome

Additional Resources:

Webinar: Attract, Keep & Engage More Members
presented by Toni Newman — Download Slide Deck

Program Chair

  • Survey members to discover their education needs
  • Work with Chapter board with Special Fundraising Programming
  • Liaise with National Convention Chair and other Chapters to possibly co-share speaker costs or co-market speaker events
  • Work with Marketing and Communications Chair for the promotion of events
  • Arrange to bring in speakers to meet chapter members needs
  • Obtain facilities for regular, special and board meetings
  • Assist presenters with logistics
  • Be liaison between chapter and meeting facility

Chapter Speaker Agreement Template

Speaker Agreement Example

Speaker Agreement Example #2

Speaker Agreement Example #3

CAPS Keepers

Mentor Email Request Letter

CAPS Mentoring Survey

CAPS Program Survey

CAPS Speaker Agreement Template – Ottawa

Emcee Stuff

Evening Checklist to Bring

Fireside Series Email to Speaker

Masterminding Form

Mentoring Seating

Mentoring Updated Survey

Speaker Checklist

Mentors Announcement to go out each Month

Mentor’s Badges

Mentors Instructions for the Evening

Panel Announcement for Book Industry Experts

Panel Announcement for Legal Experts

Panel Questions for Different Business Models

Panel Questions for Presentation Panel

Program – Panel Topics

Program Partners – Montreal 1_ENG

Program Partners – Montreal 3_EN

Professional Development Edmonton

Program Chair Checklist – Before, During & After

Program – Showcase Qualifiers

Speaker Agreement Master Edmonton

Speaker Evaluation

Speaker Evaluation Ottawa

Alternative Programming Announcement for Meeting

Snappy and Sweet Speakers Agreement and Promotion

Marketing and Communications Chair

  • Arrange for internal communication with members
  • Prepare and deliver external communication consistent with CAPS national direction and branding
  • Responsible for the timely update of Chapter website
  • Work with Programming Chair for the promotion of events

Sponsorship Agreement Toronto

Calendar of Events

CAPS Brochure

CAPS Brochure Plus

CAPS Business Card 2

Marketing Chair – Edmonton

Some Key Benefits

Volunteer Chair

  • Determine chapter volunteer needs
  • Communicate with volunteers
  • Design volunteer assignments to be rewarding, wherever possible
  • Arrange for any recognition of volunteers

Idea Tree Volunteer Recognition

Volunteer Summary Toronto

Volunteer Coordinator Edmonton

Best Practices of Different Chapters

Compiled Info for CAPS Chapters


Thank you for all you do for your chapter. Enjoy your leadership role!

P.S. All documents are shared with the authors’ permission for use in service to the CAPS membership.

Thank you authors for your contributions.

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