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Younger Next Year [book review]

July 27, 2014 - Hugh Culver

Yes, you can be younger next year – here’s how. The New York Times best-seller, Younger Next Year by retired lawyer Chris Crowley and Dr. Henry Lodge is a good read for anyone, at any age. But, don’t expect a high-brow treatise on gerontology. Younger Next Year was…

Is your confidence steady on or wobbly at times?

July 26, 2014 - Jacquie Nagy

Do you wake up every morning feeling steady and confident? Like a ship at sea, sails trimmed, straight on course? And no matter what comes at you do you stay feeling super confident all day? Or do you wake up … Continue reading →…

EE037 – ACT to end excuses, get started, and reach your goals

July 24, 2014 - Hugh Culver

Experts Enterprise Podcast This is the podcast for speakers, consultants, coaches, and on-line marketers who want to grow their influence and income. Learn from experts like: Jay Baer, Guy Kawasaki, and John Lee Dumas. Get insights from author, entrepreneur, and speaker Hug…

To motivate employees, have a career discussion

July 24, 2014 - Merge Gupta-Sunderji

I am repeatedly asked for ideas on how to motivate employees; specifically, things that don’t cost a lot of money.  Well guess what?  Employees are motivated by conversations – genuine meaningful dialogues with their supervisors and managers – and the only cost assoc…
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