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Now you can use the “Contact Me” button under each speaker’s picture to send a personal message or request.

Or you can use the check box beside every speaker’s name to add them to your “shopping cart” and send them individual messages. This is a great way to quickly send your event enquiry to 2 or 3 speakers to check their availability and request more information. A copy of your message and a list of your selected speakers will automatically be sent to you.

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Making your bed and 12 more great habits for the super-busy person

September 14, 2014 - Hugh Culver

Does your life feel like it’s spinning too fast? Maybe you should make your bed. The idea is to get one part of your life totally in order (like making your bed) so you feel you have more control overall. It’s kind of like squirrelling away $100 a month into a savings ac…

Growing Social Legs: Event-powered Communities

September 12, 2014 - Randall Craig

I recently had the opportunity to briefly meet Lixin Fan, director of the film, I Am Here, at TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival.  A documentary film maker, he described the challenge of condensing 400 hours of content into a 90 minute movie, as he followed his s…

La paix au travail pour la rentrée!

September 11, 2014 - Ghislaine Labelle

Bonne rentrée à vous tous, chers lecteurs et lectrices! J’espère que vous avez pu profiter de moments de quiétude pendant la période estivale. De mon côté, je suis allée explorer la côte adriatique. Ma mémoire est truffée d’images incommensurablement m…

How to Analyze a Career Dream

September 10, 2014 - Patricia Morgan

Many of us have dreams of doing, being and living a different career or life; often times our longing to find our calling. Many of us are restless, after saying only last year “I love my job.” Maybe it is time to put y our dreams into action . . . or not. This is my eig…
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