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Now you can use the “Contact Me” button under each speaker’s picture to send a personal message or request.

Or you can use the check box beside every speaker’s name to add them to your “shopping cart” and send them individual messages. This is a great way to quickly send your event enquiry to 2 or 3 speakers to check their availability and request more information. A copy of your message and a list of your selected speakers will automatically be sent to you.

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Do Your Trust Your Employees?

February 25, 2015 - Shawn Casemore

Being an entrepreneur or business owner can be a lonely venture. Despite the clarity of your vision, it’s unlikely you’ll achieve it if you are unable to help your employees see the very same vision. Do you trust your employees to identify the right actions to ta…

Recycling content for media publicity and social sharing

February 25, 2015 - Mary Charleson

Weather is news when it is extreme. It generates a lot of word of mouth and sharing. And the last couple weeks have been host to some pretty crazy weather in Canada. Eastern provinces have been hammered by extreme cold. The west, Vancouver specifically where I live, has seen…

The Argument Against Saying “No”

February 24, 2015 - Rhonda Scharf

How many times have you heard the advice “Just say no”? You tell someone you’re really busy at work, that you are working long hours and are exhausted and they think they are being helpful by telling you to say no. You know what occurs to me when I say that? “How I a…

Finding the Joy – Softening the Loss

February 24, 2015 - Stephanie Staples

Dr. Debbie Stoewen has more initials after her name than I have in mine! This veterinarian has a Masters in social work and perhaps one of the most unique jobs on the planet – she is the Care & Empathy Officer (CEO!) at Pets Plus Us.  She helps people soften the…
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